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Holly is the Owner & Creator of The Keepsake Corner. Every item you purchase has been hand-drawn and hand-painted by Holly, most likely at the dining room table of their home in Northern Ireland. 

A proud step-mum and wife-to-be, Holly's love for Keepsakes, Personalised Gifts and creating scrapbooks of memories of her and her family is what led Holly to create

The Keepsake Corner, leaving the Corporate world behind.

'I adore getting to play a small role in people's lives. Whether its celebrating a birthday, an engagement, a new baby, or creating a unique gift for someone, everything I do I put my heart into. I love what I do, I love being a Small Business Owner and I think the world is changing with how many people now support Small Businesses. I can't thank people enough for their love and support shown towards The Keepsake Corner and for #supportingsmall'.

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